Water is one of the most basic necessities that people need to survive. Through pipelines and fixtures, we can access water with a turn of a faucet. However, water can damage your homes as well. How, you ask? Through water leaks! These damage can cost you a lot of money if left undetected.

On top of this, water leaks are a common problem that even newly constructed houses face. That’s why homeowners need to learn how to detect early signs of water leaks to prevent further damage. With that being said, here are a few ways to find hidden water leaks. Read on to learn more.

Monitor Your Water Meter

One of the best ways to detect a water leak is to check your water meter. The first step is to turn off all faucets, showers, as well as dishwashers, and washing machines, basically anything that can cause water pressure. This isolates the other sources of water pressure other than the leak.

After turning it off, observe your water meter. If the meter is changing rapidly, then you have a fast-moving leak. If not, wait for a couple of hours and check again. If it changed, then you are dealing with a slow-moving leak. The best way to fix this is to get the help of a professional.

Check Your Monthly Water Bill

Take a look at your monthly water bill. If it’s consistently high for the past couple of months without any changes in your usage, then there might be a water leak in your home. Since most pipes are underground, it might be hard for a homeowner to detect the source of the leak.

The Dye Toilet Test

One of the most common culprits for water leaks is your toilet. Through constant use, the flush valves in your toilet start to deteriorate, causing leaks. To check for leaks in your toilet, you can do the toilet dye test.

First, you need to drop some food coloring into the tank, about 6-8 drops. After that, you have to wait for a few minutes. If the color starts to appear in the toilet without flushing, then you have a toilet leak. To prevent further damage, you can call a professional water leak detector to fix your leaks.

Get Help From the Professionals

One of the best ways to fix and detect a leak is to call the professionals. They can handle these kinds of problems and give you advice on what steps to take to prevent these plumbing problems. That’s why you should always seek the help of experts to avoid further damage to your home and pipelines.

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