Does your water heater need repair, replacement, or proper maintenance? Performing any of these tasks on your own can be dangerous. So, leave them to the experts! When you need services for water heaters, the professional team of Severson Plumbing has you covered! Check out our offered services and more!

Signs Water Heaters Need Repair

Noticing that your water heater isn’t working can be daunting. When this occurs, hiring trained professionals is the best course of action. Here are some signs you need to look out for:

  • Irregular water temperature – When you notice that the water temperatures are irregular, this could mean that your unit needs repair. Water heaters tend to lose heat when there is an accumulation of mineral deposits. Have a professional plumber check it as soon as possible.
  • Water discoloration – If your water supply appears to be discolored, it is best to check your water heater. Seeing brownish or rusty color could mean there’s rust or sediment inside the device. This can become a serious health hazard and would need to be checked on by a qualified technician right away.
  • Malfunctioning heating element – The function of the heater is to keep your water supply hot. But if you notice that you’ve run out of heated tap, your machine may not be functioning well.

It’s crucial to watch out for any of these signs. And as soon as you notice them, do not hesitate to hire a professional that can provide quality repairs. With Severson Plumbing, your tankless water heater can be repaired in no time! Give our team a call today to learn more!