Sump pumps help prevent water damage in your basement. To make sure this device continues to work properly, cleaning it regularly is crucial. In general, experts recommend an annual sump pump cleaning. Learn how to clean your sump pump by reading on.

1. Prepare The Materials

Gather all the materials and equipment you’ll need to ensure a smooth and efficient cleaning process. These are the items you’ll use:

        • Plastic sheet or tarp
        • Garden hose
        • Scraping tool (putty knife or plastic scraper)
        • Large bucket
        • Wet/dry vacuum

2. Remove the Sump Pump from the Power Supply

Unplug the sump pump from the power outlet or turn off the circuit breaker. Don’t skip this step, as it is crucial for your safety.

3. Cut Off Any Water Source

Lock all systems that drain into the sump pit, and inform everyone not to use them. Doing this step will prevent water from flowing into the pit while you’re cleaning.

4. Wrap the Bottom of the Pump

Place the pump in an area where you can clean it from all sides. Wrap the bottom portion of the sump pump with plastic tarp/sheeting for easier cleanup.

5. Clean the Pump

Sprinkle water onto the pump using a garden hose to loosen the debris. Ensure to spray all sides and openings. Remove any hard-stuck gunk with a scraping tool.

6. Rinse the Pump

Splash water again onto the pump using the garden hose. Doing so will flush down any remaining debris and gunk.

7. Drain the Check Valve

The check valve is a component of the sump pump that helps drain water and prevents it from flowing back. Open the valve and ensure to catch the drained liquid with a bucket.

8. Remove Excess Water With a Wet/Dry Vacuum

Use a shop vac to remove all the remaining water in the pump. Besides your device, the wet/dry vacuum can also help clear spills in the area where you cleaned the device.

9. Reconnect and Test the Pump

Put the sump pump back in its designated area. Make sure that all components are assembled correctly. Plug the pump back into the power source and check if it’s working properly.

Regular sump pump cleaning can ensure that your device lasts and operates smoothly. If you encounter any problems while cleaning your sump pump, contact us at Severson Plumbing in Bend, Oregon. Our skilled plumbers will diagnose the issue and help you with any necessary repairs. Call us today!