Flexible Financing for Your HVAC Needs

At Severson Heating & Cooling, we understand that HVAC services and installations can be significant investments. That’s why we offer flexible financing options to help make your heating and cooling projects more affordable and accessible.

Low Monthly Payments

Our financing plans feature low monthly payments, allowing you to budget comfortably without straining your finances.

No Down Payment Options

In certain cases, we offer financing with no down payment required, making it easier for you to get the HVAC services you need without a large upfront cost.

Competitive Rates

We partner with reputable financing providers to offer competitive rates and terms, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.

Quick Approval Process

Our financing application process is quick and easy, with fast approval times, so you can get started on your HVAC project without delay.

How Our Financing Works


Contact us to discuss your HVAC needs and explore financing options that suit your budget and preferences.


Our team will assist you in completing a financing application, which typically involves providing basic financial information.


Once your application is submitted, we work with our financing partners to secure approval quickly and efficiently.


With financing in place, you can proceed with your HVAC installation, repairs, or upgrades with confidence, knowing that affordable payment options are available.

Why Choose Financing with Severson Heating & Cooling?

Convenience: Our financing options make it convenient to invest in your home or business’s comfort without draining your savings.

Affordability: Enjoy manageable monthly payments that fit your budget, allowing you to prioritize your HVAC needs without financial strain.

Quality Service: Rest assured that you’ll receive the same high-quality service and expertise, whether you choose financing or pay upfront.

Take the first step toward a more comfortable indoor environment by exploring our financing options today. Contact us to learn more and start your HVAC project with confidence.

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At Severson Heating & Cooling, we are just a call away. We’ll give your HVAC system a thorough check & provide you with options to improve comfort & reduce your utility bill.

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Simply give us a call at (541) 382-3720 to schedule your free HVAC system estimate. Our friendly staff will assist you in setting up an appointment that fits your schedule.

Don’t wait until your HVAC issues escalate. Take advantage of our free estimates today and discover the affordable solutions we offer for your heating and cooling needs.

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