Many people are affected by COVID-19. Health protocols such as social distancing and the wearing of masks are being followed to prevent the spread of the virus. In this regard, people also avoided letting other individuals in their home. It’s why when plumbing problems arise, they opt for DIY repairs instead.

However, your plumbing needs a technician’s expertise. Relying on the DIY method may lead to bigger problems later on as it can do even more damage to your system. And in this time of the pandemic, your professional plumbers got you covered. They make sure to follow safety guidelines for the health and safety of their clients. But in turn, you have to take these COVID precautions to protect yourself and your family:

Wear Masks

According to CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines, people two years and older should wear masks. So, when plumbers enter your home, be sure to follow this guideline. Expect professional plumbing specialists to be equipped with PPEs (personal protective equipment) as well. This will help protect you and your family from potential exposure to COVID-19 while receiving plumbing services.

Steps for properly wearing masks include hand washing or using a hand sanitizer first. And then, place a mask over your nose and mouth, making sure to cover your chin. Finally, place the loops around your ears for a secure fit.

Social Distancing

Before hiring any technician, it is ideal to discuss any plumbing issues you may have over the phone. This reduces the risk of contracting the virus, which may occur when meeting in person.

Per CDC guidelines, it is important to stay at least six feet away from someone who is not usually in your home. Follow this guideline while technicians work to resolve your plumbing issues.

Clean and Sanitize

When plumbers are done performing repairs, they clean up and sanitize the area for you to ensure you and your family stay safe. However, it’s best to clean and disinfect the area once more after the technicians leave. This adds another level of protection from viruses or any pathogen from affecting your family.

Cashless Payments

One of the safest ways to pay for any goods or services today is to make payments online instead of paying in person via cash or card. This can be easily performed through e-transfers or via apps. But for those who prefer to use credit or debit cards, these can be accepted as well. Just know that your card information may be requested before the technicians arrive.

Severson Plumbing Cares About Your Health and Safety

During this unprecedented time, it’s vital to follow health protocols. You’re not only protecting yourself but others as well. When you need high-quality services for your plumbing needs, turn to Severson Plumbing! Our experienced plumbers will make sure to provide the plumbing services you need, while also guaranteeing your safety. Call us to learn more!