Clogged Drain

Severson Plumbing & Heating specializes in professional clogged drain services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. A clogged drain can be a frustrating and disruptive issue, impacting the functionality of your plumbing system. Our experienced plumbers are here to provide fast and effective solutions to clear clogs and restore proper drainage.

Our Clogged Drain Services:


Thorough Inspection

Our first step in addressing a clogged drain is a thorough inspection. We utilize advanced camera inspection technology to identify the location and cause of the clog, whether it’s due to debris buildup, grease accumulation, tree roots, or other factors. This allows us to determine the most effective solution for clearing the clog.


Drain Cleaning

Depending on the severity of the clog, we offer professional drain cleaning services using hydro-jetting and mechanical augers. Hydro-jetting involves using high-pressure water jets to break up stubborn clogs and clear debris from drain lines, while mechanical augers are effective for removing blockages from pipes.


Root Intrusion Removal

Tree roots can infiltrate drain lines, causing blockages and damage. We specialize in root intrusion removal using root cutting tools and trenchless techniques to clear roots from pipes without extensive excavation.


Emergency Clog Removal

Clogged drains can lead to backups and plumbing emergencies. Our team is available 24/7 to handle emergency clog removals promptly, minimizing damage and restoring proper drainage.

Why Choose Severson Plumbing & Heating for Clogged Drain Services?

Experienced Technicians:

Our team comprises experienced plumbers who specialize in clogged drain diagnosis and solutions, ensuring efficient and effective clog removal.

Advanced Technology:

We utilize advanced camera inspection and drain cleaning equipment to accurately diagnose clogs and provide targeted solutions.

Prompt Service:

We offer prompt and responsive service, including 24/7 emergency clog removal, to address your drain issues quickly and minimize disruptions.

Transparent Pricing:

We provide transparent pricing and options, so you know the costs upfront and can make informed decisions about your drain services.

Customer Satisfaction:

Your satisfaction is our priority. We strive to exceed your expectations with every clogged drain service we provide.

Contact us today to schedule clogged drain services with Severson Plumbing & Heating. Experience the difference of working with a trusted partner for all your plumbing needs.