Before you head out of town for the holidays, here’s our checklist to prep your plumbing for a getaway and ensure you aren’t coming home to a flooded home, ruined carpet, or thousands of dollars in water damage. The best part? Most of these steps will only take a few minutes.

Shut off Your Water Supply

This single, simple task is the best way to prevent a major flood in your home. If you happen to have a faulty pipe or plumbing fixture that bursts or leaks while you are away, turning off the main water supply ensures no additional water will leak into your home. If you have a sprinkler system or pool pump at your home that would make turning off the entire supply impractical, you can still turn off the water at each individual fixture to minimize flooding in case of an emergency.

Drain Your Outside Faucets & Disconnect Hoses

Once you’ve turned the water off, run your outside faucets and disconnect the hoses to remove all of the water from your pipes. You don’t want to go through the trouble of turning off the water, only to face a flooded home thanks to leaking pipes.

Drain or Turn off Your Water Heater

If you haven’t scheduled maintenance for your water heater yet, before leaving on vacation is a great time. A professional plumber can inspect it for leaks and help you drain it. If you don’t have time for an inspection, you can turn it off or set it to “vacation” mode. Traditional water heaters that run on electricity or natural gas are likely one of the largest energy consuming appliances in your home. Turning it off while you are away will not only reduce your chances of flooding your home, but it can significantly lower your utility bill.

Clean Your Drains

Without water running through them, any minor clogs or gunked up drains may start to smell. If it’s been a while since you’ve given your drains a thorough cleaning, now is the time.

Avoid Sink Stinkiness

The last thing you want to come home to is a foul odor emanating from your drains! Run some ice cubes and cold water through your garbage disposal before you leave.  This will push any food particles down the drain so they can properly wash away. Make sure to empty your dishwasher and washing machine too. Emptying these appliances will help prevent mold, mildew, and unpleasant odors, especially if you leave the doors open to air them out.   

Our list should help you spend your vacation relaxing and enjoying your holiday, instead of worrying about your home. If you need assistance in preparing your home before you leave, or handling any issues when you return, please don’t hesitate to reach out: 541-382-3720.