Water leaks produce sounds; our leak detection equipment operates on the principals of acoustics. The device registers the sounds made by a leak and transmits the locations to the technician. Learn more about our leak detection services listed below.

Scope of work:

  • Water leaks located outside, underground, and under slab
  • Location accuracy guaranteed to within 3 feet of the leak. This is accomplished using a 3-step process:

(1) Gather a base of information on the suspected leak
(2) Isolate the problem area by doing a pressure test
(3) Pinpoint the leak using electronic listening equipment


  • Two-hour minimum – $360.00
  • Subsequent Hours – $225.00per hour
  • Off Hours – No Additional Charge (Severson’s discretion)
Leak Detection Services| Plumbing Valve
Leak Detection Services | Public Highway


  • Locations within a 30-mile radius – NO TRIP CHARGE
  • Locations outside 30-mile radius – $3.00 per mile
  • We can also travel to Prineville, Madras, Klamath Falls, and Burns

Our leak detection technician has been trained and certified by Precision Utility Locating in Prescott, Arizona. We do not use journeyman plumbers for leak detection and encourage customers to arrange for their plumber of choice to do the necessary repairs. Severson Plumbing can also provide needed excavation at the job site to expose the leak for repair. Give our team a call today to find out more!