Backflow preventers are devices used to make the water flow in one direction. This prevents drinking water contamination and keeps the dirty water away from the main line. That’s why residential and commercial buildings need to have this device installed to protect people from diseases caused by contaminated water.

If you’re looking to install your own backflow preventer, make sure it’s compatible with the water source in your home. You should also possess the knowledge and skills required to install this device. If you’ve checked all the boxes, we can start installing your backflow preventer. Here are a few tips to remember when you install your device.

Check Your Building or Your Property First

Before you install your device, you should first check your building code. You can contact the water supplier or the building code office to get the building code. Since different areas have different pipelines and networks, it’s good to know where you should install your device.

Furthermore, since different areas have different climates, protecting your devices from harsh conditions is a good idea. You can seek the help of a professional when you encounter this problem.

You Should Install It Above Ground

Backflow preventers can be installed above, underground, and in your basement. However, experts suggest that you should install yours above ground. This is due to the flood and cross-connection risks it poses. Another critical thing to remember is to have your device installed not exceeding 5 ft from the ground. This is done so that the maintenance, repair, and testing will be much easier for the plumbers and verifiers.

Have a Protective Enclosure Around Your Device

If you’re planning to install your device above ground, make sure to have an enclosure around it. This is to protect your device from the elements as well as theft. Just make sure to have ample space around it so that it’s more accessible for plumbers. Get in touch with a professional for more information.

The Best Way To Install Your Device

Seeking the help of a professional is one of the best ways to install your backflow prevention device. With their knowledge and expertise, they can install these devices correctly and advise you on how to maintain them. So, get in touch with Severson Plumbing if you’re looking for a trusted plumbing company in and around Bend, OR. Our professionals are here to help you with your plumbing needs. Call us today!