Quality garbage disposal units keep your sinks and pipes clean. They typically last for over a decade if properly taken care of. However, due to age, and the wear and tear of your garbage disposal, it starts to break down.

One of the most common aspects that affect the lifespan of a waste disposal is quality. The newer models of garbage disposals are much stronger than the old ones. Getting a more recent garbage disposal unit will pay off in the long run.

Another practice that extends the life of your garbage disposal is being mindful of its limits. Use it solely for biodegradable food scraps in small quantities.  For example, pouring a large amount of grease or oil into your unit can lead to accumulation and impede its grinding ability. In addition, non-food items can damage the blades and motor. Here are more ways of proper garbage disposal maintenance:

Use It Regularly

Regular use of your garbage disposal helps avoid build-up. It also helps when you use soapy water while your appliance is running. Doing this removes clogs and cleans the blades of your unit.

Fill Your Sink With Water

Every week, fill your sink with clean water. When the sink is full, remove the plug to let the water rush into your drain. Doing this can help remove any materials that are stuck in your garbage disposal.

Use Ice Cubes

Once a month, toss a tray of ice cubes into your sink and let your garbage disposal crush them. After turning the ice into slush, pour in cold water and let it fill the drain line. Let the ice melt away while it cleans your entire appliance. The ice helps with sharpening the blades of your disposal, and the water helps with removing dirt and clogs.

Break Big Chunks Apart

Break big chunks of food scraps before putting them in your garbage disposal unit. This allows the disposal to run smoothly and avoid clogs.

Grind Citrus Fruits to Eliminate Bad Odor

If your garbage disposal emanates a displeasing smell, try grinding citrus fruits to remove the odor. Using the peels of citrus fruits like oranges and lemons can naturally freshen up your unit.

Getting Professional Help

It’s always good to seek professional help. Severson Plumbing in Central Oregon can help you with your waste disposal and plumbing needs. Call us today to learn more.