Importance of Garbage Disposal System

When you have a garbage disposal unit installed under your kitchen sink, it collects any food scraps in a grinding chamber. But when not properly maintained, the garbage disposal unit can break down and clog the drains. Prevent this from happening by practicing some useful tips that can help extend the life of your waste disposal unit.

Best Practices for Garbage Disposal

While a waste disposal is designed for food scraps, some solid food wastes and liquids cannot be poured in there. Doing so can cause clogs and disposal jams. So, it’s important to identify which is meant to be thrown in the trash and what should be in the garbage disposal. Here are some other tips you can practice:

  • Turn your waste disposal on even if you don’t plan on using it – This helps prevent your unit from seizing up and accumulating any rust or corrosion.
  • Clean it – Cold water and citrus fruits can help with cleaning your garbage disposal. To do this, run cold water at regular intervals, and then throw in some ice cubes. You can also use salt and baking soda to help sharpen the blades. Meanwhile, citrus fruits like lemon can help reduce foul smell.
  • Chop Up – Do not pour all of the food waste in the disposal. This can slow down your unit and cause clogs. As much as possible, properly dispose of fibrous, oily, and starchy foods into the trash.

Garbage Disposal Installation

When you notice that your disposal system needs repair, do not hesitate to reach out to professional plumbers immediately. Chances are, it can still be saved with minor repairs. But in case it needs a replacement, Severson Plumbing has you covered! We can help with the repairs, replacement, and installation whenever you need it. Get to know more about our team and how we can help!