BIM 3D Modeling & Coordination Services

Severson Fire Protection offers advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) 3D modeling and coordination services for fire protection systems in Central Oregon. Our in-house BIM experts utilize cutting-edge technology to create detailed 3D models, enhance coordination among project stakeholders, and optimize the design and implementation of fire protection systems.

Our In-House BIM 3D Modeling & Coordination Process


Detailed 3D Modeling

We utilize BIM software to create detailed 3D models of fire protection systems. These models provide a visual representation of the system layout and components.


System Integration

Our BIM experts integrate fire protection systems into the overall building design, ensuring compatibility, functionality, and efficiency. We coordinate with architectural, structural, and MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) disciplines for seamless integration.


Conflict Detection

BIM 3D modeling allows us to detect and resolve conflicts early in the design phase. We identify clashes, interferences, and spatial issues to optimize system layout and prevent costly rework during construction.


Visualization and Simulation

We use 3D visualization and simulation tools to present the fire protection system design to clients, architects, and contractors. This enhances communication, facilitates decision-making, and ensures alignment with project goals.


Optimized Design and Implementation

BIM 3D modeling and coordination result in optimized design solutions that enhance system performance, efficiency, and reliability. We streamline the implementation process for faster, smoother construction.

Why Choose Severson Fire Protection for In-House BIM 3D Modeling & Coordination?

Expert BIM Team:

Our in-house BIM experts have extensive experience in 3D modeling and coordination for fire protection systems.

Advanced Technology:

We utilize cutting-edge BIM software and tools for accurate modeling, clash detection, and visualization.

Collaborative Approach:

We collaborate closely with project stakeholders to ensure coordinated design solutions and successful project outcomes.

Conflict Resolution:

BIM 3D modeling helps identify and resolve conflicts early, reducing rework and delays during construction.

Optimized Design:

Our BIM process results in optimized fire protection system designs that enhance performance, efficiency, and safety.

Customer Satisfaction:

Your satisfaction is our priority. We work closely with clients to deliver exceptional results that meet their needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our in-house BIM 3D modeling and coordination services for fire protection systems. Experience efficient design, coordination, and implementation with Severson Fire Protection.