Plumbing in Bend, Oregon and the surrounding areas can be tricky. We handle huge temperature fluctuations, freezing temperatures, and dry conditions in the Summer that call for lots of water usage. If you own a home here, you will have to deal with plumbing leaks at some point. Leaks can feel overwhelming, but with the right knowledge, and the right help, you can have leaks detected and repaired in no time. Here are some of our helpful hints regarding leak detection in Central Oregon.


Knowing When You Have a Leak:

Even if you can’t see standing water or dripping pipes, you can still detect a water leak in your house by:

  • Checking your water usage regularly so you can note any sudden increases that you can’t account for (having visitors, for example, or watering the garden more in hot weather), which could be a sign of a leak. 
  • Noticing a drop in water pressure when you’re filling the bath or taking a shower, this could be a sign of a leak. 


Common Culprits:

Think you have a leak but not sure where to start? From the Top Down per fixture is the best method. The process of elimination is key to narrowing down a leak. Within your home these areas are worth checking first:

  • Water Heaters or Boilers: Check the Hot/Cold connections to the unit for any drips, and check the top of the Water Heater for any pooling of water. Water on the floor in the garage or in the pan under the unit could mean that the Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve is blowing off which, in most cases means that the Expansion Tank above the unit needs to be changed.  
  • Toilets: Because of how much we use them, it’s common for a toilet to start leaking. This is often an easy fix, but it can be costly if it’s continuously running. 
  • Shower Valves: Much like toilets, we use showers on a very regular basis. This means the parts start to wear down. A drippy Shower Head or Tub Spout means that the Cartridge/Seals in the valve are no longer able to seal in the off position. This can be remedied by replacing the Cartridge or Seals.
  • Appliances: Specifically Clothes Washers, Refrigerators/Icemakers, etc. Through everyday use, appliances can shift slightly from their original position, which can loosen valves and pipes and lead to leaks. Clothes Washers can leak behind the appliance without any visual cues. The same with Icemaker supplies to the Fridge. Check behind the Clothes Washer to make sure the Hot/Cold supplies are secure or that there is no moisture on the wall or floor behind. Refrigerator Icemaker lines can leak undetected as well, so it is good to take a peek under the fridge for moisture.


What if the Leak is Outside?

If you think the leak is outside, start looking for signs. This might include seeing if there are muddy patches around exterior water pipes or noting if the grass seems to be growing better in particular parts of your lawn. Unfortunately, finding out how bad the leak is can sometimes involve digging up your lawn. 


When Should I Call a Plumber?

Sooner is always better when it comes to leak detection and repair. The longer leaks go untreated, the worse they can get. They could potentially lead to burst pipes, catastrophic water damage, broken appliances, and worse. Trust us, you do not want things to get to that point. 


If you want to hire a professional to find the source of your problem, we handle water leaks located inside, outside, underground, and under-slab. We offer location accuracy guaranteed to within 3 feet of the leak and accomplished this using a 3-step process: 

(1) Gather a base of information on the suspected leak 

(2) Isolate the problem area by doing a pressure test

(3) Pinpoint the leak using electronic listening equipment.


Our leak detection technician has been trained and certified by Precision Utility Locating in Prescott, Arizona. We do not use journeyman plumbers for leak detection and encourage customers to arrange for their plumber of choice to do the necessary repairs. Severson Plumbing can also provide needed excavation at the job site to expose the leak for repair. Our plumbing service areas include Bend, Oregon and most of the Central Oregon region including Redmond, LaPine, Prineville, and Madras. If you’re in need of leak detection in Central Oregon, we would be happy to help!