Importance of Backflow Testing

After installing a plumbing system into a home or any property, it’s crucial to have it tested. This is to ensure that the clean water supply doesn’t get contaminated with wastewater.

Additionally, there is a set standard pressure of water in many homes so it can flow from one direction to another. When the pipes experience an unexpected drop in pressure caused by bursting, freezing, or any other issues, unfiltered water can contaminate and enter the plumbing system.

Utilizing Backflow Prevention

Using an air gap can help prevent backflow. When you use an air gap, you leave out an open space between the different kinds of faucets connecting your plumbing system and the pipe where contaminated water pools.

You can also stop the reverse flow of sewage water by using a specialized backflow valve. This valve is often installed when there is limited space to create an air gap or if the water is pressurized.

Schedule a Backflow Testing
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Having a backflow testing annually is of utmost importance. It’s also one way of maintaining your plumbing system and the quality of your water supply. In case you need professional backflow testing, you won’t go wrong with Severson Plumbing! Our team provides backflow inspection and other services. Reach out to us to find out more!